Siteimprove launches Digital Certainty Index

29 January 2018

Siteimprove has unveiled the Digital Certainty Index™ (DCI™) and a redesigned version of its ‘dashboard’ marking a major milestone in the continuous improvement of the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform, the company’s core product that is now used by more than 6,000 organizations worldwide to manage their digital presence. You can read more about the product here.

DCI is a unique performance indicator capable of measuring a website’s effectiveness against a selection of different parameters that have been carefully selected by industry experts. Viewed in combination with the new dashboard, DCI will provide users a personalized and engaging experience when they manage their website and make it easier to identify and resolve urgent issues. Furthermore, DCI will allow them to benchmark their digital performance against a group of industry peers making it easy to see if they are lagging behind or doing better in key areas.

Knowing exactly how good your website is can be a challenge due to large amounts of data and the myriad of ways you can measure it. With DCI, we are empowering organizations to paint a clear and objective picture of this using a credible tool that even includes industry peer benchmarking. Instead of disconnected difficult-to-interpret data points, we are combining all relevant indicators into one simple number that embodies the strength of your digital presence,” says Morten Ebbesen, CEO in Siteimprove.

At its highest level, DCI tests a website’s status across three major categories, namely Quality Assurance, SEO and (Digital) Accessibility. The overall DCI, which is a score ranging from 0-100, is a summary of the website’s performance in these areas, but users can also deep-dive into the sub-categories to receive performance metrics along with practical advice for improvement.

The new dashboard guides users through our platform exposing them to features and encouraging them to explore different ways of improving their digital presence with actionable recommendations. As part of a new user interface, the DCI score will be visible gamifying the entire experience by adding a ‘competitive element’ that motivates users to use the full potential of our platform,” says Morten and continues:

When you pass a new level in a computer game it sends a rush of motivation and determination through you sharpening your focus to take on the next level. DCI builds on the same idea. Using a point scoring system we inspire users to take small steps forward to reach a larger target. That means fixing issues with Siteimprove becomes a rewarding and fun experience. Everyone on a team can see and prove the significance of the contributions they are making and ultimately this boosts your productivity and your digital presence,” says Morten.

About Digital Certainty Index (DCI) 

Using DCI to investigate a website’s performance, identify improvement potentials, and monitor progress helps Siteimprove users maintain a predictable, impactful, and credible digital presence. Efficient monitoring and reporting of improvements also supports organizations in their quest of being compliant with global and local regulations or standards. The new scoring system and the fact that actions are directly tied to impact points makes progress more measurable which helps customers to connect digital and strategic initiatives better than ever before. At the same time, DCI empowers your individual team members to take initiative, make informed decisions and produce accountable results.