Inspiretec reveal personalisation best practice in new guide at TTE and launch new product offering

8 February 2018

Inspiretec’s Richard Baker and Luke Francis will present a keynote at the Innovate Theatre on Day One at 11.15-12.15 entitled “The personal touch: what personalisation really means in travel.”

Inspiretec has just completed a handbook that explores the theory, application and best practice of personalisation across digital and physical channels. The paper is written to inform marketers, product managers and executives of the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence against big data to drive a tailored user experience for the consumer.

The keynote will touch upon elements of this paper and will explore various areas for travel and tourism brands to exploit to build more engagement with its users and site visitors.

Following the talk, there will be copies of the 86-page guide to give out for free for the first 50 people.

Richard Baker said: “Over the past few years we’ve been testing our CRM and utilising personalisation to help some of our clients boost conversions and improve business processes. We’re excited to reveal what we have seen working at TTE and are delighted to be able to offer the ‘Powering Personalisation’ booklet at the show. We’re really looking forward to a great couple of days at the Olympia, London.”

Inspiretec will also be conducting demo and drinks throughout the afternoon – offering delegates the opportunity to see inside the Inspiretec product stack, including its CRM and personalisation and recommendations features, over a glass of wine at Stand TT92!